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60 Minutes Massage (Any Style)


90 Minutes Massage (Any style)



A soothing full body massage meant to relax both the muscles and the mind. Swedish is a calming experience using light to medium pressure and the most basic massage style and practice.


Deep Tissue

A medium to deep pressure massage meant to go deeper into the sub-muscles and assists in working out strained, sore, and knotted muscles. Meant to be more intense than the Swedish massage and sometimes can cause a little surface tenderness in the following days.



This method of massages uses the feet or hands and specific pressure on them to affect different corresponding points in the body. These reflex points in the feet or hands can help any measure of disorders in the body as a collective. This is also a great foot rub or opportunity for those who can’t receive regular massage!


Hot Stones

The use of hot stones integrated into a full body massage. Medium pressure massage and gliding heated stones create a melting feeling in the muscles that opens the way to feeling refreshed and relaxed for a longer period.

NOTE: Oil is used for this style of massage. This is a great type of massage for those who want therapeutic work without the deeper pressures.


Trigger Point Therapy

This is a style of massage in which sustained deep pressure and the use of specific pressure reflex points are used to work out tension and pain. Has the possibility of leaving surface soreness or tenderness.

NOTE: Not recommended for a first-time massage!  


Chair Massage

Great for business settings, Wedding parties, group events, we will to drive to you. Keeping clothes on, this massage offers a focal point on neck, shoulders and back. With chair massage you rest into a chair like setting never have to worry about lotions or creams. Great for lunch breaks, before or after work pit stops.

NOTE: The ability of the Massage Therapist is impeded slightly due to the barrier between skin, thus can only do so much.

Thai Massage (NEW!)

Thai Massage is a comprehensive style of massage done on a cushions mat on the floor that relies on stretching, acupressure, and compression. The client remains clothed in light, breathable, stretchable fabric suitable for movement.

NOTE: Please do not wear tight, stiff clothes to this modality of massage.


Additional Add-ons:

Paraffin Wax hand/foot bath

Here we use a natural, unscented wax to cover the hands and/or feet. This help rid the skin of impurities, dry and dead skin. Afterwards peels off easy and painlessly. Easily integrated into your massage or done separately! 


  • Hands OR Feet: $10
  • Hands AND Feet: $15

Cold Stone therapy

A beneficial practice that combines chilled stones and light massage to combat soreness and high blood pressure. Great for injury and facial massage to help with pressure and reduces swelling. Easily integrated into the end of a massage or done separately!

NOTE: NO oils or lotion used for this therapy. 


  • 15 Minutes: $20

We use the following luxury lotion and cream. You will be offered your choice when you arrive.

We have the following brands of lotion on hand currently:  

Bon Vital organica massage lotion


Greenwich Bay Body Butter

Scents on-hand:

  • Passion Flower
  • Almond Body Butter
  • African Violet
  • Island Ginger Mango
  • Cucumber and Olive Oil
  • and more…
***We do not allow the use of a personal lotion, cream or oil for legality purposes unless prescribed by a licensed physician. We appreciate your understanding.